The Reluctant Leader – From Stuck to Unstoppable

From an early age Rae Luskin allowed her life story to be written by someone else.  All she heard and believed where what her family, society, and the media told her: “Don’t aim too high.” “Be happy you have a job.” “You can’t be too thin.” “Don’t tell anyone you were abused.” “You have the perfect life, you should be happy.”

The Winning AdventureAfter years and years believing someone else’s truth, Rae finally decided to write her own life story – and change the life stories of others.  She is now a speaker, author, artist, and activist.  She stands up for those who have been bullied or sexually abused.  She navigates the world as an independent, happy, single woman.  She navigated the complex health care system for an ailing mother.  And she started a new business at the young age of 62.

Listen to The Empowerment Show below to hear Rae’s inspiring story and to learn how to move from Stuck to Unstoppable.  Rae will share with us seven (7) ways to change old patterns and spark new breakthroughs.  Hope you enjoy this inspiring and empowering episode.   Are you a Reluctant Leader?



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