[ about me ]

Melissa Heisler

I was burnt out living a life that was not mine. It’s My Life was the name of my business and what I helped others to achieve, but it was not how I was living my own life. My struggle and my gift, because we teach what we need to learn, has always been how to live my authentic life fully.

Work was my purpose for many years. I started early at 10 years old helping where my father was employed. Through college and high school, I worked at least one position while going to school. In undergrad, I added long hours working technical positions on theatrical productions. For almost two decades I experienced the stress of high pressure, deadline-driven corporate marketing positions. As an adult I earned a Masters in Integrated Marketing Communication. None of this really fed my soul. It kept me busy so I could ignore the emptiness and desperation in my heart.

It is no surprise that at 30 years old I found myself depressed, burnt out, and hopeless. I tried to use alcohol and crazy weekends boating as an escape, but it only fed my dissatisfaction and unhappiness, eventually leading to stress-related ill health mentally and physically. After many years, multiple doctors, countless medications, and no diagnosis or relief, I started my own search, and inner journey, for a long-lasting means to have peace, serenity, balance, and joy. The answer lay in living an authentic life and embracing self love.

The second half of my life has been this journey From Type A to Type Me. In many ways I have a long way to go to really understand, accept, and love the authentic me. It has been and will continue to be daily self-discovery and, in some ways, relearning a me I had shut down for so long.

I hope that you find some inspiration for your own personal growth by reading my musings, book, and journey to a life in Mexico. Wishing you all the best now and in the future.