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Cristina Diaz de Lezana, Munich Germany

“I worked with Melissa in a 21-Day time hack program created by the Washington Post. Melissa and I had a first Skype session and then continued in writing. Melissa was attentive, loving and attuned to my feelings, carefully and patiently guiding me to help me uncover my hidden patterns of thought and my blind spots. She gave me useful tools to help me take ownership of my life and claim my self-worth. She helped me envision my ideal life and create a daily routine to point toward my goals. She was really caring and supportive during the three weeks of back and forth emails, always open to questions and to new challenges, patiently and lovingly accompanying me and lighting my way through my inner journey. This inner journey would have had a much more limited scope without her advice. Fortunately for me, she guided me there like a experienced sailor, helping me make sense of what I was discovering throughout the way. I will always be grateful for her generous and mind-opening guidance.”

Michele Malo, Wellcome Home Fitness

Leaving corporate America to start a new business was a stressful and taxing endeavor. I found myself with self doubt and a lack of direction. Melissa was an angel sent to help me create balance in my new career. She gave me tools and insights to help me prioritize my business priorities as well as gain joy in my personal life. She is helping me to walk away from my Type A tendencies so I can enjoy the new path I have chosen. Melissa is a coach, a mentor and a friend and I highly recommend Melissa if you need to find focus and calm in both your personal and professional life.”

Anna, Ecuador

“I hired Melissa because she completely understands what it is like to be a Type A including all the advantages and disadvantages. The work we did together provided me with new strategies to cope with challenges in my personal life and the confidence to move forward in my professional life. Now I’ve also finally put myself out there in terms of my new resume coaching and life coaching business, and this week business has actually started to pick up. I’ve got six clients this week and my goal is to have ten per week so I’m getting there! I really appreciate all that Melissa has done to help me move through a tough time. Her advice is in my head so frequently. I’m so happy I made the investment in myself and decided to work with Melissa! Melissa is a wonderful coach and helped me adjust the way I think about my accomplishments. She is a straight shooter and her pointed questions allowed me to figure out what was important to me and what was not. I often reflect on our discussions and how much they have helped me over the last year.”

Carolyn Holmes, Leadville, CO

I was excited and nervous to work with Melissa during the Washington Post Life Hack project. Before I started the project I was extremely overwhelmed with teaching, there is always something to be done, or something more to do.  Melissa helped me prioritize what is important. After working with her I was able to separate my teaching life from my personal life.  It’s hard to describe how I feel now. School stays at school, I leave work everyday at 4:45 and have time to spend time with my friends and family.  One thing I liked when working with Melissa was how personable she was- I felt very comfortable working with her and sharing personal information. Her gentle demeanor helped me create a few steps that gave me permission to enjoy my life again.  Melissa also checked in frequently and if I was slipping away from the plan, she helped remind me of the importance of getting back at it and trying again.  Most importantly, I learned to enjoy teaching and my life again, there are things at work that do not get done and that is ok. I would highly recommend working with Melissa for anyone who is looking for a new perspective on what work and life means, if you feel overwhelmed, stressed and unable to enjoy your life, check in with her! She has the tools and will help you with perspective

Karen, Deerfield, IL

“In just a few sessions, Melissa has done what years of self-help books, magazine articles, and even therapy could not: helped me understand that I really can choose joy, each and every day, and let go of my all-consuming worries about family, finances, and the future. If I can change, anyone can. Melissa is the one to show you how.”

Taliesin N, MA

“I was lucky to cross paths with Melissa—she helped me rethink a challenge I was having (and see how it connected with so many other parts of my life) and approach it in ways that played to my strengths and reframed my weaknesses. Working with Melissa helped me gain the perspective I needed but had lost in the midst of work and stress and everyday life demands. I’m grateful to Melissa for her insights, kindness, and warmth—her guidance will stay with me for a long time to come.”

Sarah Karnes, Wisconsin

“Working with Melissa has helped me address changes I knew I needed, yet could not see clearly enough to take action on. She has a very skillful and direct way of helping me return to the specific task at hand, with kindness and persistence. Now it feels, and is, so much more do-able!”

Gini Nelson, Santa Fe, New Mexico

The Washington Post paired Melissa and me up as part of their Inspired Life series. Melissa had a tough challenge in that she had very limited time in which to help me find changes for my current life challenges (21 days). She cared, and she helped, and I was helped. I value the time we shared and appreciate her work with me.”

Scott Graflund, IL

“Melissa has done a phenomenal job helping me discover what I am passionate about and how to tie that passion into a work/life framework that will allow me to realize my dreams. She has helped me truly understand who I am, has made me introspective about what makes me tick and has offered up invaluable advice on how to find the right peers who complement me – both in the office and in my personal life. As an entrepreneur, constantly struggling with the need to find balance, Melissa has provided me with a unique process to help me, help myself at being the best businessman, father, husband, and friend I can possibly be. I would recommend Melissa and It’s My Life, Inc. to anyone seeking to discover their full potential.”

Katherine Metres, Washington DC

“I met with Melissa once four years ago when I was at a low point in my career, and it changed my life. At the time, I was running a tutoring service, building a wellness business, and acting on the side. She asked me to imagine a perfect day in my future career, with time, money, qualifications, etc. being no object. I said I was on a talk show promoting my book. She said, ‘Hmm, I don’t hear education, I don’t hear wellness, and I don’t hear acting. It sounds like you want to be an author.’ Until that moment, I hadn’t realized it myself. That’s the power of good questions! I stopped acting and eventually shut down the wellness and education business. Today I have a thriving writing services business, making more money that I have ever made in my life. I have ghost written a book and edited another. I am currently ghost writing my second book and am looking forward to writing the first of my own.”

Roni Weiner Pressler, IL

“I hired and continue to work with Melissa as my life and business coach. She is amazing! She opened my eyes and gave me the tools to see the world differently. My testimonial of her work will appear in her book and I recommend her to friends and colleagues regularly. Regardless of your current awareness, Melissa will help you see yourself clearly and live your best life everyday! Take the opportunity to work with her. It is life altering!”

Sam Hull, Transmedia Artist

“Melissa Heisler has words of wisdom to share for people of all walks of life. She has a keen way of getting to the point and recommending solutions to the key issues. I found her work inspiring and have maintained many of her exercises in my daily business and personal dealings. She is also available to her clients. I live on the West Coast and she as been happy to schedule phone sessions that work with my schedule and time zone. Past that, I can tell you she is a caring person, who won’t let even the littlest doubt go unanswered. I recommend Melissa with the highest regard.”

Deborah Lamberty, IL

“Melissa is one of those rare individuals who serves as an inspiring mentor for her coaching clients. With a background in coaching and marketing, and years’ worth of experience as a Life Coach, Melissa exhibits strong interpersonal skills and a great capacity for empathy. These qualities most notably translate in her ability to motivate an individual to care about whatever task is before them. Melissa’s positive attitude and gentle manner shows her great respect for her profession and those she is teaching.”

Jodi Seery, Canada Life & Love Coach

“I hired Melissa Heisler as a Business and Marketing Coach but benefited tremendously from her ability to support me personally as well. Melissa understands the personal foundational level at the root of creative business and was able to support my growth and evolution in both areas. She provided the constructive call-outs I needed to hear, made very helpful recommendations, linked me to networks and information to further my success, provided between session action steps, offered structures and systems and always provided clear and concise after session follow-up. Melissa has that rare and valued ability to provide practical business and marketing steps while seeing through to the heart of the individual behind the business with her keen intuitive skills and vision. If you would like genuine support by a qualified, connected and caring Business Coach to help you grow and evolve yourself and your business, I highly recommend you make Melissa Heisler your Business Coach.”


“My coaching sessions with Melissa have stayed with me beyond the time we met. Her insightful and incisive coaching is supportive, challenging, and provides the encouragement that is needed to seek awareness and make life changes.  Melissa’s approach is unique, powerful and practical. Throughout our work, Melissa’s guidance was always wise and compassionate.  When life seems to escape me, I keep going back to the wisdom, resources, and coaching tools Melissa has generously shared with me to take on my personal journey.”

L.G., Arlington Heights, IL

“Melissa provides an accepting and encouraging environment that allows for great progress and learning in a short amount of time.”

D.P. Arlington Heights, IL

“Thank you for listening to me and helping me realize that life can be a wonderful adventure. I sincerely appreciate you showing me ways to enrich my present life and I am truly delighted to be continuing on my journey with you in the future.”

Katie Krizka, IL

“Melissa is an amazing coach that will push you to expand yourself into the powerhouse you really are and can be. She creates a personal plan that fits your needs and desires to the tee in order to ensure the highest results. Thank you Melissa for being you!” 

Frank from Schaumburg, IL

 “Melissa’s great efforts allowed me to uncover my inner abilities and pursue my purpose in life. I owe her much gratitude to for showing me what I am capable of.”

Patty Neuswanger

“I’ve known Melissa for many years and in different capacities. Melissa is an incredibly charismatic woman who is talented on so many levels. As a life coach professional, she has the ability to really guide you to the path and life you are looking to live. The newsletter she publishes in a veritable wealth of information on resources and events to support positive life changes and her stories are always poignant. I look forward to reading them! She is a great networker and has connected me to important contacts both for business and personal matters. Not only is Melissa a professional, she is one of the most genuine people I know.”

Diane Testa

“As a business coach, Melissa brings wisdom that allows one to evolve naturally. She comes from a place of knowing unlimited possibilities yet is clear and grounded. She guides with direct honesty and is extremely refreshing to work with. She is a true facilitator of growth!”

J.S., Chicago, IL

“This class helped me map out how to feel Fine in ’09. I walked out of the session with a realistic and achievable plan. Thank you!”

G.G., Chicago, IL

“Melissa Heisler took an overwhelming, at times daunting endeavor – personal enrichment – and broke it down into manageable steps. I am 100% more motivated than before to identify and reach my goals. Great job Melissa. Well worth it!!” 

Cindee Manaves

“After another great meeting with Melissa this week only reinforces my belief that our paths crossed for a reason. Melissa’s presence is soothing as are her words. She leads by example and is always willing to learn more. Her thirst for knowledge is infectious. Her warm and caring soul is a blessing to the people she is around. I am glad that I have the benefit of knowing Melissa. My life is more enriched as a result.” 

Ashley Daum

“Melissa is not afraid to show her own vulnerability and therefore her words are that much more powerful and inspirational. I always look forward to Melissa’s blogs as they are the reminder I need for how I want to live my life on a daily basis.”

Linda Smith

“I love the way Melissa writes – when you are carrying a load on your shoulders you can feel it melt away! Inspiring, uplifting – it makes it feel like she is speaking directly to me!”

M. Curnow

“Melissa’s writings are thought provoking and inspiring. They really make you take a look at your life in a way that you might not have thought of before. She gets to the root of what is really important in your life and helps you focus on the positive.”

K. M., Mt. Prospect, IL

“Melissa is a true gem. She puts much thought and effort into providing thought provoking content that usually has a message. Her insight and experience make her a valuable resource to many. She can put perspective on things that you may not have thought about. Always positive, cheery, and extremely helpful.”


“Melissa, I came across your blog in the awards list – and am blown away by your posts. I was expecting some guru type to advise me how I can drive my coaching business to high heaven. Instead I get honesty, real life experience, humor, acceptance of what is, and humility. You get my vote, and I look forward to reading future posts from you. Thanks for sharing with us.”

Jackie Elenz

“Melissa is a great coach because her teachings come from the heart! She is always positive and has a great outlook on life.”

Christina Lee

“Melissa has a great vision when it comes to uncovering the successful strategic plan for your business and the achievement for your personal life. Whether you have business or individual or searching to find your goals, Melissa has the ability to assist with discovering a successful plan.”