feet image by Merri J on unsplash

Focus on Your Feet

It has been a tough week (month, years) in the United States for many. A lot of anger, rage, sadness, and fear is coming to

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Lessons in Trust

Hey all. Remember me?  Sorry it has been a bit since I have written. I have been busy actively adapting to the new normal. As

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puppy going along for the ride

New Day Resolution

I have often written about new year’s resolutions and how to craft them. This advice centered around making things happen – how to design the

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rescued dog

Would you answer the call?

If you are interested in helping Boxie find her forever home, please contact me or Rescate Perruno. Rescue dogs are routinely sent from Los Cabos, Mexico to the USA and Canada. We’d love to show you how easy it would be to have this darling become part of your family.

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Rage and Addiction

Recently, I explored the relationship insights I found through a talk called Why you will marry the wrong person. The talk brought up two other

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Romeo and Juliet

Real Love

I try to stay away from sensationalized headlines, but recently I clicked on a talk called “Why you will marry the wrong person.” Thankfully the

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