Audible book

A Gift that Keeps on Giving

Writing my book, From Type A to Type Me: How to Stop ‘Doing’ Life and Start Living It, did not come easy. First, I had to live it. I had to hit lows, and lower lows. I had to stumble through challenges so I could learn lessons. I had to uncover the gifts that changed my behavior and way of living. I had to find relief for the pain, stress, and depression I felt. Next, I explored if these lessons could help others. Working with others, I redefined and modified the Daily Habits to help different people and different challenges.  Then, I had to summon the persistence to put the lessons on paper. I spent nine years crafting the book. Learning how to write in general and learning how best to communicate the lessons. I wrote, re-wrote and re-wrote again trying different tactics to describe the lessons.  Once I had something I thought of value, I found the amazing women at Wise Ink, who brought my book up to the professional level it deserved and helped me launch the Kindle and paperbook versions in 2014.

Since then, I have tried different ways to record an audio version. I tried it myself and even spent the enormous time it took to record the whole book, but the quality was not up to Audible standards. I tried working with two different Chicagoland audio engineers but was not satisfied with their quality either. Disappointed, and being focused on moving to Mexico, I tabled the idea for an audio book. Recently something sparked me to try again and I was connected with Patricia Shade. Patricia not only provided a quality sound at Audible standards, but she was able to provide the professional articulation and understandability audio books demand. As a bonus, she provided a comfortable, compassionate, conversational tone with a Midwest accent. She did not mimic my voice, but Patricia does a great job at relating my intention. I couldn’t be happier with the final product. Then Patricia gave me another gift. She shared this with me, “I really, really loved this book! I learned so much and, not being a Type A person myself, feel that it is just as valuable for ANYONE!”

Her words floored me. It touches me so deeply that sharing how I overcame my own challenges can help others. And I agree with her. Revisiting the book shows me how I have grown. I still have Type A tendencies when I move into fear, but I am no longer stuck in Type A behaviors all day, all the time. It is almost scary to see the pain I was in and am grateful I have grown to where I am now. Now that I am not imprisoned by Type A habits, I can still find value from the book. I read the book a gajillion times as I was writing it. I spoke it out loud when I tried to record it myself. Last year I re-read the book when as I prepared to lead a book club. This past month I listened to my words being spoken by Patricia. Each time I experience my own book, I am in a different place and hear a different passage that affects me deeply. This is not to boast that I am a brilliant writer or coach. I believe that I did not write this book as much as it came through me from a higher source. No, I share this because we all need reminders. Writing this book did not “heal” me completely and make me perfect. Life is in session and there are always new challenges, new things to learn, and new opportunities for growth. Each time I have come back to From Type A to Type Me I rediscover a phrase, concept, or tool that helps me with my current path.

If you read the Kindle or paperback editions, or listen to the book beautifully read by Patricia on Audible, I hope you find what you need to hear. And I hope you re-visit it throughout your life to gain that little piece of support you need at that time.