dog on tightrope

Achieving Balance

Here is a dog on a tightrope. Really. It. Is. A. Dog. On. A. Tightrope. I don’t usually share cat, or in this instance, dog videos in my posts, but better way to get your attention about what balance really means. As you watch this talented guy, you will see that he doesn’t get on […]

customer service

Making a Human Connection

This past Easter, a fire erupted in a local parking garage. Thankfully no one was injured. Although hundreds of cars were destroyed. We park our trailer in this garage. After a few days wait, we were able to access the garage and remove our trailer which was thankfully unharmed in any way. We had to […]


Daily Mindfulness

Last week we explored the definition of mindfulness. But how does one reach a level of constant mindfulness?  The first step is experiencing what I call the “State of Gray.” The State of Gray is simple, and yet can be very difficult. Eckhart Tolle, author of The Power of Now, calls it being in the […]

art movement creativity

Living Fully

Last week I wrote about an incident over the holidays where guests marveled at the view I said I was “too busy” to see which made me aware of how my words were creating my life and the importance of those words. This incident also brought another issue to light, I am not taking advantage […]

view from the rooftop

Say What You Mean

We were fortunate to be able to spend Christmas with some friends on the rooftop of the house we live in. They loved the view and the sunshine. I was asked, “Are you guys up here all the time?” Without thinking I replied, “We are too busy.” Being an avid reader of this blog, a […]


Moving Forward Through Ups and Downs

Do you have a goal which seems far away? Are you working toward something but keep hitting obstacles? Are you uncertain you are on the right path? Have you lost your path and are not sure what is next? Lately many of my clients have been going through a confusing, frustrating, up and down time. […]