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Vamos a Mexico

We just ditched our crazy, work-obsessed American lives to build a dream life in Mexico.

Over the past few years, my husband Dan and I realized that we were living to work, not working to live . . . Over the years, as we fell in love with Cabo and the people of Mexico, we began to wonder: What if there was a better way to live than the American dream?

Before we could make the leap into our new life, we first had to deal with the stress of leaving our old one . . . in order to make room for something new and beautiful in your life, you have to allow yourself to let go of things.

We were pioneers, striking out where others dared not tread. We were looking for a better, more meaningful life with the hope we could make a living in a new country. We were taking a risk without any assurance as to what this would mean for us in the short or long term. We had to let go of our stability and most of our possessions. We were free and unfettered. It was just my husband and me and the open road.

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