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A Little Kindness

While in high school during the late 1980’s, I worked at Montgomery Ward selling curtains. One day a woman who was probably in her 50’s, as I am now, brought in her elderly mother. The woman wanted to buy curtains for her mother. Immediately it was very clear that the daughter was frustrated and very […]

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New Day Resolution

I have often written about new year’s resolutions and how to craft them. This advice centered around making things happen – how to design the perfect plan for the new year and having the consistency and perseverance to make it happen. Total Type A stuff. Then I started to shift the new year resolution advice […]


True Freedom

Last week I introduced my favorite Greek philosopher, Epictetus. The passage I read today from The Art of Living: The Classical Manual on Virtue, Happiness, and Effectiveness seemed perfectly suited for our current world. Note that the writing I am going to mention was originally written 1600 years before the founding of the United States […]