two door Honda

Accept Yourself

The car I drive in Mexico, is not built for Mexico. I manage ok, but there are certain things I can not do. I can not take the short-cut dirt roads because they may not be smooth enough for my little two-door Honda. I need to take topes – oversized speedbumps – at an angle […]


How to Change

I have been listening to John Siddique on Insight Timer. One thing he shares is about how self-help articles often tell us what to do – we should have more self-esteem, we need to treat our bodies better, we need to release our past – but they don’t say how we accomplish these things. I […]

dog on tightrope

Achieving Balance

Here is a dog on a tightrope. Really. It. Is. A. Dog. On. A. Tightrope. I don’t usually share cat, or in this instance, dog videos in my posts, but better way to get your attention about what balance really means. As you watch this talented guy, you will see that he doesn’t get on […]

love it or list it

Love It or List It

Working with a client the other day, we were trying to get to the heart of what she needs in her life right now. She was dissatisfied but had a hard time defining what she wanted, what would fulfill her. To get her unstuck, I tried approaching the subject from a few different angles. Finally, […]

change transformation


This election was difficult on a lot of people. And we made it more difficult on ourselves. Instead of a civilized debate, we made the campaign into a sixth-grade playground with name calling and bullying – on both sides. The results of the election were a shock to half the country, resulting in teenage rebellion […]


A Clean Start

Laptop computers are usually pretty quiet. A month or so ago, mine started to sound like it was chewing potato chips. Also when I picked it up, I could hear pieces of something falling inside the machine. It was time for a new computer. When my pretty new blue computer arrived, I was excited. Then […]