The Reluctant Leader – From Stuck to Unstoppable

From an early age Rae Luskin allowed her life story to be written by someone else.  All she heard and believed where what her family, society, and the media told her: “Don’t aim too high.” “Be happy you have a job.” “You can’t be too thin.” “Don’t tell anyone you were abused.” “You have the […]

No Time for Tears: Moving forward from the pain of abuse

On The Empowerment Show I like to keep the stories positive and helpful.  But life is not always positive.  Many of us have suffered amazing amounts of pain, suffering and abuse.  That is unfortunately Stacey Giovanni’s story. Stacey is the survivor of childhood abuse, sexual assault, and domestic violence.  At a tender age of 15 […]

The Responsive Universe

A Catalyst for Change – John Bader author of The Responsive Universe

After the loss of his unborn child, John Bader himself was lost.  As he writes in his book, The Responsive Universe: “Like the wind causing chaos on the ocean before my eyes, my mind was in an uncontrollable tailspin.  Just days ago, I had witnessed my wife give birth to my lifeless son.  A small […]