A Witch's Aura

Medical Issues Lead to a Writing Career – Devon Volkel

A young mother experiences a difficult birth and illness of her first child and then a difficult choice when her own illness affects her next pregnancy. Learn how writing became a saving grace and sense of hope during this difficult time. Devon Volkel is now a 30 year old stay at home mom to a […]

The Empowerment Show

Reality Versus Illusion – Paranormal Magician Joe Diamond

You may be asking yourself, “What is a magician doing on The Empowerment Show?” The answer is that Joe Diamond’s magic empowers us to open our minds, awareness, and sixth sense. Joe’s brand of magic blends technique with showmanship, but his special ingredient is a touch of intuition. During performances he reads minds, pulls intimate […]

Eliana Gilad

First There Was Sound – Healing through Ancient Music with Eliana Gilad

Eliana Gilad joins us from Jerusalem especially for Christmas week to share with us the power and history of sound.  Eliana is a motivational speaker, teacher, composer, performer and founder of Voices of Eden Ancient Healing and Transformational Music. She is dedicated to her life’s work to revive the conscious use of voice and rhythm […]

Hardwiring Happiness

Hardwiring Happiness with Dr. Rick Hanson

Buddha’s Brain by Dr. Rick Hanson is one of the books that changed my life.  In this book Dr. Hanson provided concrete scientific proof that we can improve our experiences by retraining our brain.  The concept of neuroplasticity was instrumental in changing my life and the lives of my clients. In Buddha’s Brain, Dr. Hanson […]

Joie Gharrity

Personal Branding for your career or business with Joie Gharrity

This week I had the honor of working with a local networking group.  Together we uncovered the group’s personal brand.  There are so many networking groups out there, this group wanted to stand out.  They wanted to really promote what made them special.  The key to finding what made them special was getting to the […]

The Responsive Universe

A Catalyst for Change – John Bader author of The Responsive Universe

After the loss of his unborn child, John Bader himself was lost.  As he writes in his book, The Responsive Universe: “Like the wind causing chaos on the ocean before my eyes, my mind was in an uncontrollable tailspin.  Just days ago, I had witnessed my wife give birth to my lifeless son.  A small […]