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The Power of Surrender

My life has changed immensely over the last few weeks.  Goals I had given up upon have been coming to fruition seemingly out of thin air.  It is a truly amazing time.  What is so hard to grasp about it all is that I have not done anything different.  The wonderful new opportunities I have received did not come about due to planning, strategy, or hard work.  They came about because I surrendered.

ALS_2401_8x10The theme of surrender has been coming to me from many different angles this year.  It is a hard concept to understand and even more difficult to explain.  Surrender is not giving up.  Surrender is not releasing desire.  Surrender is not powerlessness.  Surrender is tapping into a greater power by releasing one’s focus on outcome.  Surrender is focusing one’s energy in their mission and passion instead of on tasks and to do’s.  Surrender is focusing on one’s heartfelt desires but not being caught up in what it will look like to manifest them.  Surrender is living in the bliss of one’s true purpose without regard to what the end result will be.  But I gotta tell you, the end results are pretty cool too.

It all started when I was approached to write blog posts for the Linked Local Network (LLN).  I am always open to appropriate resources to gain a greater audience for my messages.  LLN’s desire to build communities and share positive information was in alignment with me so it was a perfect fit.  But as I began to become involved, I saw that the mission of LLN was even more intrenched with my own.  Although it is a for-profit company they desire to support non-profits through resources and finances, a giving back element.  I learned about opportunities to become more involved with LLN by becoming a Hub Administrator, meaning that I would lead one of the city-centered websites.  As we talked about the opportunity, I went to a state of surrender, surrender of what I “should” say in a business meeting, and instead spoke from my authentic self.  I was called to bring forth my true mission to empower individuals.  What came about was the new Women’s Hub on Linked Local Network.  A website where I could choose the types of news and voices to be represented.  I didn’t have to ask, bribe or negotiate it.  It was handed to me, for it was aligned to my purpose and I had surrendered to my purpose.

There was not only surrender in how I thought things had to be done but also surrender in that I had to follow my heart and not my pocketbook.  Accepting management of the Women’s Hub meant providing lots of volunteer hours and taking my focus away from promoting my coaching business.  Or did it?  This year I have been trying to promote my business and grow it more.  I was doing everything the sales books told me to do, networking, social media, presentations.  Surrendering my time from these sales functions to focus on a website would on the surface be the wrong business choice.  In my heart however, it was right.  I knew I could reach and affect more people through this opportunity.  The hurdle to get over was money and compensation.  In the short term, there is none and there are no guarantees that there will be any revenue.  I surrendered to being the Women’s Hub Administrator because the alignment with my purpose and desire was higher than any immediate materialistic need.

And I was rewarded with yet another vehicle to get my message out.  A message meant to connect, educate and change people for the better.  I was rewarded with a radio show with which to project my message.  If you have been reading my journey, I tried all of the conventional ways to get my word out.  They usually required me to exchange my authentic self in return for a platform.  Now I have a weekly platform where I can share my authentic self and the information and power of those I respect.

Surrender is truly powerful.

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  1. Jason
    September 23, 2013

    I find it very reassuring that you can surrender in such a way and while acknowledging your concerns about money, deciding to do something towards your authentic self. Deciding first to serve and finding a platform to deliver your message.

    • Melissa
      September 24, 2013

      Life is never one sided. We are spiritual and trusting, and yet we are human and doubting. The key to life is balancing.

  2. William Doak
    January 25, 2014

    Nice to hear from someone who has had the same experience as myself.

    There is a huge power in surrender. I have experienced it. It is much more than just an attitude change. It seems that once we drop our ego it frees a power to work in our life. I believe there is a connection between this and what the Buddhists refer to as emptiness. I struggled to understand this Buddhist concept after reading the Dalai Lama’s book. It wasn’t until I actually experienced it one morning. My experience of emptiness was just that. There was no anger, no attachment, no anxiety, no fear. None of the things that define me. The only thing left was this huge feeling of love and compassion for others. There was a book written a number of years ago entitled “the Secret”. I believe that this is another expression of the power of surrender.

    I discovered another way of looking at this when I read Dr. Scott Peck’s book “Further Along the Road Less Traveled”. In this book he described the need for us to expand our ego to include others. In this aspect it is akin to surrender. At the end of the day it really means to be less self-focused and more others focused. Truly I think all evil flows from being self-focused and all good flows from being others focused.

    • Melissa Heisler
      January 25, 2014


      Thank you for sharing. Hopefully it will help others to hear that I am not the only one to experience the power of surrender.

      As many of my clients and readers are caretakers, I would like to comment on your thoughts that we need to be less self-focused and more focused on others. It is important for us to focus on and take care ourselves. The concept is not to solely give oneself into the service of others. It is to release our hard, fast rules and opinions about the world. To be open to the truth without our judgment. To be aware of how our thoughts, words, and deeds affect others. So, yes, be sure you are aware of how your actions may be affecting others but be sure you are caring for yourself and your needs.

      With love and joy,

  3. William Doak
    January 25, 2014

    I forgot to mention that I have a blog “ Please have a look at the section “thoughts on life”. I discuss surrender in this section. You might also like to listen to a song that came to me in a dream wherein I also mention surrender. It is located under the section entitled “DREAMS”.

    Thanks again


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