Giraffe / Jirafe

Spectacularly Perfect Events

I love the coincidences of the universe. These coincidences may seem random and unconnected but eventually if one puts the pieces together great insight and support can be found in these coincidences. The coincidences I am talking about are the times when we say, “Isn’t that weird?” or “What are the chances?” or “Wasn’t it lucky this happened?” Over the years I learned that these are not coincidences but Spectacularly Perfect Events (SPE) as I call them, sent to guide us down the right path.

Italian Perspective

I was very fortunate to spend two weeks in Italy this April.  Upfront I realized it was not going to be a normal vacation.  My mother is still recovering from her December and subsequent surgeries so every morning my sister and I were to take turns changing her bandages.  After that responsibility, I expected time […]

It's My Life Inc.


For me it is an amazing lesson that I seem to need to hear again and again. I do not have to do everything myself or by myself. Things can get done without my direct effort. So much stress in life is caused by the belief that we control and need to control everything in our life.