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Spectacularly Perfect Events

There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle. – Albert Einstein

I love the coincidences of the universe.  These coincidences may seem random and unconnected but eventually if one puts the pieces together great insight and support can be found in these coincidences.   The coincidences I am talking about are the times when we say, “Isn’t that weird?” or “What are the chances?” or “Wasn’t it lucky this happened?”  Over the years I learned that these are not coincidences but Spectacularly Perfect Events (SPE) as I call them, sent to guide us down the right path.  My recent SPE involved a giraffe.

Giraffe / JirafeAs some of you might know, I had a life changing experience in Peru working with a shaman (native healer).  I learned that shamanic practices can be a great way for me to access my unconscious when I am stuck, and a great way to find release.  Over the last few months there has been a lot of transition for me and I was at a point where I needed some additional guidance and insight.  I was referred to Kathleen Rude, a local shamanic practitioner.  In working together, she said there were three animals guiding me right now.  One was the giraffe.

There are many symbolic messages from the giraffe.  At first, I thought the giraffe’s message for me was my ability to have higher perceptions, a higher vision if you will.  But there are two other symbolic messages from the giraffe.  One is tied to communication.  The power of the giraffe’s neck symbolizes strength in one’s own voice and words, while the length of the giraffe’s tongue symbolizes the ability to speak eloquently.  The other message is how the giraffe’s long neck symbolizes taking a risk by sticking one’s neck out.  Telling the giraffe story is, in itself, utilizing the symbolism of the giraffe as it is trying to write clearly about my experience and also a big risk for me to share it.  I thought the giraffe’s message was encouragement for my writing and the book I have been trying to complete, but it took me somewhere else.

Last month’s I Hate Sales! blog was inspired by a chat with Robert Terson.  In that meeting, he inspired me to pick up the phone and actively connect with previous clients in order to generate more referrals. This is a challenge for me.  I don’t want to feel I am harassing anyone.  I love to receive referrals but I assumed they would all come on their own.  Together we found ways to ethically and comfortably reconnect with my clients and contacts.  As I walked to my car after the meeting, sitting comfortably on the dashboard of the car next to mine was a stuffed giraffe.  I took this SPE to mean, yes now is the time to stick my neck out.  Now is the time to proactively reconnect.  Robert’s suggestions and advice were something I should pursue.

But I think my version of sticking my neck out and the universe’s was different. I did start incorporating some reconnection and outreach work, but I did ninety-nine percent of it while hiding behind a computer.  I was still stuck in the “I don’t want to bug anybody” syndrome.  In the meantime, I looked into resurrecting my book and finding ways to create online programs.  But these did not move smoothly.  I didn’t have any energy to give them.  I didn’t have clarity about how these projects would actually improve my practice.  I felt they were things I had to do and I felt stuck.  I was using logic and fear instead of using my intuition and it was holding me back. 

Luckily I reconnected with author and sales guru, Stacia Skinner.  After catching up, she generously talked to me about the need for sales calls.  The passive receptivity of the internet has blocked us from one-on-one connection, that connection which is the foundation of coaching work.  Picking up where Robert left off, she walked me through ethical and focused sales scripts I can use to make true connections with prospective clients.  What I noticed is that although the idea of cold calls were historically terrifying to me, I felt more energy rush into the idea of making the calls than I had in the past four weeks of trying to write my book.  The energy was here.  The resistance was to projects I was using to block my direct connection with my tribe.  I felt in the flow when I thought of actually authentically and directly reaching out to these individuals.  To confirm I was headed in the right direction, the giraffe appeared at the end of my conversation with Stacia.  I told her about the side business my husband and I created whose mascot just happens to be a giraffe. We decided on the mascot animal months before he appeared in my shamanic experience, showing he was already at work before I knew it.  The journey of my giraffe-centered SPE was directing me to the next step for my business, giving me the strength to risk sticking my neck out, and helping me get back into the energetic flow. 

Where are you feeling stuck?  What do you feel you need to do but just can’t seem to put the energy behind it?  What Spectacularly Perfect Events are pointing you in a different direction?

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  1. Linda Faust
    March 14, 2013

    I love that story. Thank you for sharing and sticking your neck out. Losing my job I viewed as a SPE and a sign for me to take a risk and devote myself to my business. As sure as I was about it when it happened, when things didn’t progress like I expected I am now questioning and doubting that it was a SPE. Going back and forth with this is stalling me I think.

    • admin
      March 14, 2013

      Linda – Thank you for sharing. SPE’s reside in the heart not the head. Try to stay out of reason, questioning, and doubting. Instead tune into your heart and ensure that every moment you are in present joy. Being trapped in the “shoulds” of our minds keeps us stuck. It is necessary to take action- even a small action can break you out of the stalled feeling. Tune into your heart to find the answers as to how to move forward. Logical thought can only get us so far – and often gets us stuck. Tune into your heart, relax, and know you will be guided to the next step. It is the trust before progress that is the toughest. Hang in there!

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