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No Pain, All Gain

There are probably thousands of articles which talk about how to work more efficiently, to keep all departments focused on a singular goal, and to help us stay motivated no matter how daunting the task.  As a Recovering Type-A, I am an expert on to-do lists, working smarter not harder, and keeping things moving no matter the effort or hours needed.  But I am learning about a new tool which can accomplish more than I ever did before and with much less effort.  Adopting this new tool is physically and cognitively easy, but it is quite difficult emotionally and psychologically.  This is because it goes against the normal perception that working hard is the only way to accomplish what we desire.  The mentality of no pain, no gain drives so many to accomplish so much.  But there is an easier, more pleasant, and honestly, a more productive way.  Let’s call it No Pain, All Gain.

photo by Zweettooth

The concept behind No Pain, All Gain is to release every belief which makes us feel constricted and stressed, replacing these harmful thoughts with beliefs which actually make working easier and more successful.

One belief is that you need to do everything yourself.  This belief adds unrealistic responsibility and added stress. There are very few of us who are an expert in everything.  When we try to complete even the tasks to which we do not excel, we tend to make more mistakes and it takes us longer.  We can accomplish so much more if we turn over certain aspects of projects to those who specialize and enjoy those tasks.  Plus we tend to be more productive and creative if we can focus on a singular task versus multitasking.

Another belief is that stress and work-related pressure are just facts of life. The truth is when we are stressed, pressured, or feel the circumstance is do-or-die that we underperform at something which we could otherwise perform perfectly.  When we can take away the perception that pain or hard work is part of the process, we open up our minds and our capabilities.

Yet another belief is that there is never enough time to complete everything we desire.  Truth is we create more time to get things completed when we stop thinking we don’t have enough time.  When we pressure ourselves with deadlines we add stress and as above we make it more difficult to accomplish things.  Setting the thought and intention in the morning that we will have more than enough time to accomplish all we desire opens up and expands time.

As you start your workday, be aware of the stories you are telling yourself.  Do the stories make you stressed, pained, and unproductive?  If so, how can you rewrite your beliefs to give you a No Pain, All Gain day?  Try it and see if your day is not only more enjoyable, but also more productive in ways you never imagined before.

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