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Spectacularly Perfect Events

I love the coincidences of the universe. These coincidences may seem random and unconnected but eventually if one puts the pieces together great insight and support can be found in these coincidences. The coincidences I am talking about are the times when we say, “Isn’t that weird?” or “What are the chances?” or “Wasn’t it lucky this happened?” Over the years I learned that these are not coincidences but Spectacularly Perfect Events (SPE) as I call them, sent to guide us down the right path.

Flying to vacation

Break Time

I might be dating myself, but do you remember the old Flintstones cartoons?  At the end of the day, the whistle would blow and Fred would slide down his dinosaur to rush to his foot-car so he could go to his wife and family waiting at home.  Working out of my home I don’t have […]

It's My Life Inc.

No Pain, All Gain

There are probably thousands of articles which talk about how to work more efficiently, to keep all departments focused on a singular goal, and to help us stay motivated no matter how daunting the task. But I am learning about a new tool which can accomplish more than I ever did before and with much less effort.

It's My Life Inc.


How much momentum have we built up in our lives? How far can that momentum carry us without any additional effort? How many times are we tiring ourselves out with additional effort that is not necessary? Today, look around you and see where you can coast. What are the things you are pushing to happen? Is the effort necessary? If not, let go and watch. Does your desired outcome still occur?

It's My Life Inc.

Lessons from the MBI Convention

Recently I attended the first ever Martha Beck Coaches Convention.It was an amazingly powerful experience to be surrounded by over 200 women and men all striving for peace and understanding in our world. There was a joyful calm enveloping the event because there was a lack of competition, jealousy, anxiety, fear, and feelings of inadequacy […]