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Women in Film – Cathryn Michon & Muffin Top the Movie

The other week I spoke to a group of entrepreneurs. I felt great about the talk, until I saw pictures of the evening posted online. At just under five foot tall, I am officially in the overweight category of my BMI. Usually I am ok with my body, and then sometimes I see a picture. Cathryn Michon was recently quoted in a Huffington Post article, “A recent survey in Glamour Magazine reveals that 97 out of 100 women have at least one negative thought about their bodies every day, which leads me to ask, ‘Really? Only one?’ and also, ‘are the other three women asleep?’”

Muffin Top the movieThere have been many stories lately about how women in the media are often photoshopped to make them into the “perfect woman.” These unrealistic expectations for the female body can do major damage to a girl’s or women’s self-esteem.  Thankfully there are those who are trying to bring a more realistic view of women into the media. It is time for us to see ourselves in person and on the big screen for who we are, warts and all, so we can embrace and love our authentic self.

I was lucky enough to have Cathryn Michon, writer, director and star of Muffin Top: A Love Story, join The Empowerment Show to talk about her film, women in Hollywood, and how women view their bodies. We discuss how women are portrayed, how they are missing in major film roles, and how they are missing behind the camera. The story Cathryn shares is not one of negativity but of hope. There is something we can do to help have more realistic female characters in film, increase the number of major roles for women, and increase the number of films made by women.

52% of the movie-going public are women. It is time for women to use their buying power to show studios that we want more films made by, with, and for women. Start today by supporting wonderful films like Muffin Top: A Love Story and Not Dead Yet. Use your purchasing power to change the face of women in media.

Listen below for an engaging discussion of women in film.  


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