Sue Bock

Thriving Through Transition – Sue Bock

Breast cancer thriver, Sue Bock, joins The Empowerment Show to talk about how to make the most of life’s transitions. Sue supports people going through transitions like empty nesters, divorce, sandwich generation, and cancer survivors. What they all have in common is intense stress and feeling overwhelmed.

Sue Bock
Sue Bock

Sue shares her personal experience and how she learned the importance of sharing a serious illness. Many of us don’t want to bother or worry others with our challenges and problems, but it is important to ask for help. It is important because one needs support during a major illness because we can’t do what we used to. It is important to also ask for and receive help because providing a ride or a meal may be the only way for our loved ones to show how much they care. Receiving help is as important to the patient as it is for the giver.

“Breast cancer doesn’t define you. It frees you to arrive at different choices.” For Sue, breast cancer opened her eyes to a new way to be. She was no longer a nurse. She now had the title of patient. It was hard for her to lose professional role and didn’t know who she was without. It awakened her to the importance of not being defined by a role or situation. You are not your job title. You are not your role as parent or spouse. You are you. By removing the labels you can release yourself to be truly you. This is a great lesson for anyone going through a transition, including those who are in job transition, that we are not a label or a title.

Sue Bock offers a book specifically to help those who are on the path to being a cancer thriver, Life After Cancer Ebook

Be sure to listen until the end of this uplifting show for a special offer from Sue. To take advantage of the offer you can reach Sue at: 925-806-0316,


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