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Soul Purpose

I’ve written before about the power of the mind and I have also written about intuition. When I saw this meme, I was reminded of the important role that the soul plays in our lives.

listen to your soulWith all the science we have these days, why we are here and what we truly are, is still a mystery. We can explain how pulses from our brains create our responses, but we still don’t understand why our bodies were created in this way. I don’t want to get into a scientific, philosophical or religious debate. What I would like to explore is the different aspects of self and the role they play.

The Mind: We spend most of our time here. It is what allows you to read and comprehend these words. The mind is a powerful and necessary tool, but it is also a warehouse of old worries and pains. The mind has amazing analytical powers, but it can also be fooled through perception and judgment. The mind is like your computer. A highly sophisticated tool, but it is only as good as the data you put into it.

The Heart: The heart is our intuition. It is our feeling mind. The heart is our sixth sense; the organ that can see and feel what science can not yet explain. The heart is where we can sense right and wrong, good and bad. We might not know why we shouldn’t walk down a dark alley, but the hairs on our arm make us feel that we shouldn’t. Within minutes of meeting someone, you just know and understand them on a deeper level. This is the heart at work.  The heart, or some might say the gut, can often be doubted because it is based on feeling, on unprovable knowledge, not fact or logic.

The Soul: The soul, or should I say our Type Me, is who we are. It is our gift to the world. It is our purpose. I believe we are all here for a reason. Our soul defines our reason. Why do we love what we love? Why are their certain skills that come easy to us? Why can we do this but not that? Our soul is what we are built for doing. We all have a purpose, a meaning to express in this life. Our soul is the definition of that purpose.

Our soul’s purpose may be noble and grand. Or not. Our purpose is something we can share with others like a singing, making chilaquiles, or being an amazing listener. In this day and age of striving to be the best, uncovering our soul’s purpose and living our life to serve that purpose will allow us to be the best us we can be.

Don’t be fooled though. Our soul’s purpose does not ensure fame, riches, or acclaim – because that may not be our soul’s purpose. Your soul’s purpose is a way of life as much as a skill. Uncover what really makes you happy. If it is hearing cheering from thousands of fans, great. If it is hiding away in a cabin, writing enjoyable short stories to lift someone’s day, embrace it. Just know who you are and what you are meant to be, and then work every day to embody and share your gift.

Instead of debating the importance of the logic of the brain versus the intuition of the heart, take some time to uncover and accept your soul. Embrace what you are at your essence. It is from this acceptance that all power comes.

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