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Our first full day under the care of Don Theo in Peru was set aside for cleansing. To work on our spirits, we first needed to clean our bodies. Our trip took us to the mineral springs of San Pedro. But these were not mineral springs to bathe in. We were to drink the bubbly, mineral-laden water. Basically it was a social colonic. Again, not a normal stop on most Peruvian tours. This physical cleansing experience mirrored many of the spiritual and emotional cleansings I experienced later in the trip.

Beyond Me

While at the beautifully terraced Pisaq, I had an amazing experience. Amongst the ruins of the manmade structures there were a series of perfectly carved stones arranged in what may have been an ancient chamber.Something drew me to these stones. As I stood within this structure I began to sway. It was such a powerful and uncontrollable experience that I became frightened and ran to Don Theo. He instructed me to go to a nearby waterfall and wash myself. As I drew water to my face, I felt emotion and pressure build in my chest.I used my hands to push this emotion down, not touching my body but working on a force just outside of my body. I pushed harder and harder, again and again until I felt the pressure decrease and disappear. It was as if I were pushing layers of mud off my body. But this mud was unseen and untouchable.

This was the first time that I truly felt the emotional energy as a part of me. Much is spoken about emotional energy through acupuncture, emotional freedom technique (EFT), PSYCH-K®, and other modalities. The idea of energy can be very foreign to some. I know that it was to me before I had this experience. For me having a Christian background, what I equate it to is the Holy Spirit. It is a thing of me and in me but not necessarily me. It is a force that works in the background. It is the power behind concepts like the Law of Attraction.

pisaq peruLiberation

What I believe happened that day was the energetic release of all the pain and negativity I had held on to over the years. Years of limiting beliefs, regrets, and loss caked up my energy system. This was the “mud” I felt. In order to feel the pure loving spirit, I needed to remove this muck. Imagine if your garden hose was clogged with dirt. The pure, clean water would not be able to flow easily and the hose would either build up with pressure or if some water was released it would be soiled by the dirt it had to push through. I had lived many years with a backup of energy, beautiful positive joyous energy that just wanted to flow freely. At times some positive energy would come through but it was always coated with jealously, defeat, or sadness. My experience at Pisaq released my clog and allowed me to feel the incredible power waiting to flow freely.

I began to feel liberated that day. Free of my past. Unafraid of my future. Peaceful and calm. Like the colonic the first day removed build up of food and toxins, my experience at Pisaq removed my energetic buildup so my emotional system could work perfectly again just as it was designed.

Our Power

A lesson I did not comprehend until much later was that I had the power to release this negative energy all along. When I ran to Don Theo and asked him what I should do his first response was, “What do you think you should do?” At the time I was disappointed because I expected him to have the answer. He was the shaman. He was the healer. He did inevitably give me advice, but what I realized later was he was teaching me that I did not have to go outside for my answers. All my answers, all your answers can be found inside of ourselves.

How many times do you look outside of yourself for answers? How many times to do you trust a doctor or a notable source for an answer, and yet your gut tells you to do something different? Over the years we lose trust in ourselves, the trust that our own minds, bodies, and spirits do truly know what is best for us. Instead we look outside ourselves, we look to others to give us the answers that should truly be personal to us. We look at what society tells us we should do instead of following what we know is right for us.

Trust yourself. Trust the messages and information you receive from within. Stop placing more stock on those outside of you and begin to take action on the messages you are receiving from within. You too hold the key to your own release.

Your Thoughts

I hope you have enjoyed learning more about Peru and my experiences.Please let me know your thoughts about this and the other articles on Peru, or on your own experiences releasing, recharging, judging, and noticing.

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  1. Ginger
    June 8, 2009

    I’m really enjoying your articles about Peru and the way in which the deliver a message to others. You’re a very good writer. And, of course, I can take myself back to those places while reading your stories. It is a very magical place.

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