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Raise the Vibration

As we come upon the tail end of a challenging year, I find it important to look with hope into the future instead of reliving this year’s pain. Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying we need to sweep issues under the rug. What we do need to do is focus on what we want, not what we have received previously. We have the power to create a new and better world.

Instead of staying in the negative vibration that was 2020, start out the new year by bringing in a new higher vibration in your life and in the lives of others. In this TED Talk, Joanna McEwan talks about vibration and shares how we can create serendipity in our lives. Serendipity are the unplanned and unforeseen events and incidents in our lives that benefit us. I call Serendipity, Spectacularly Perfect Events. Both Ms. McEwan and I believe that we can increase the Spectacularly Perfect Events in our lives. In her talk, she does a wonderful job of explaining how frequency may be the reason for these events. She also talks about entrainment or that a higher vibration can raise up a lower vibration.

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For me, I don’t know the science behind positive changes in our lives, I just have my and my clients’ positive experience of using the tools below to create a better experience.


We receive what we focus on. If you fill your mind with negative news, you will only see and expect negativity. Every day purposely choose to focus on what you want and need. Don’t be unrealistic about your current situation, but mentally focus on and physically work on what you want the situation to become.


Like attracts like. If you surround yourself with friends who see the glass as half empty, you will soon pick up on their hopelessness – be around the energy you want. Find groups that share higher, hopeful, supportive beliefs, not doom and gloom. Personally, I attend almost daily Zoom meetings with like-minded people who are trying to make themselves and the world better. Whether it is entrainment or something else, I know that if I join the meeting in a poor mood, by the time I leave I feel lighter and more hopeful.  


One of the reasons gratitude works is it helps us focus on what we already have that is good. As humans, we innately focus on the bad to avoid danger. Therefore, we need to balance this unconscious negativity bias, by actively searching out the good. Every morning I write a list of all the good in my life. It helps me balance out my expectations and experience.


Hate begets more hate. Many people are making poor choices these days but berating and attacking them does not enlighten them. Look at others with compassion. Seek to understand. Respond with love and empathy. Be an example of what the world could look like. Show others the way.

Let’s create the world we want; not repeat the world we experienced this year. I hope the ideas above give you a few ways to get started. Wishing you all the best in 2021!

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