Messages from a Near Death Experience with Neva Balduff

After a back surgery, Neva Balduff’s blood pressure dropped very low and doctors told her family things were grave. But not for Neva because she was not in her body. Hearing the words, “Let it go, let it go, set it free, set it free,” Neva then ascended into the sky. She did not experience a tunnel or a bright light. Instead two guides showed her the earth as she had never seen it before, an unimaginable beauty. She then experienced unconditional love and the promise, “My friend, there is so much more.”

Neva Balduff

Afterward she was afraid to tell her story. She was afraid of what her friends, family, and church community would say. In time, however, she began to tell her story and met others who experienced a near death experience but were also afraid of sharing their experience with the public. This event changed her life forever. It changed her outlook on life and the way she led her life. One of the ways it changed her life is she began to receive music. The music would appear as a thought in her mind and then she would work to record what she heard. This was just one of the ways there was “so much more” ahead for her.

Decades later her husband had a heart arrhythmia and fell. He survived but was never the same mentally. His could function in some ways, but his thinking was not clear. Like many spouses turned caretakers, the experience was difficult for Neva. All too often an illness is as hard or harder on the caretaker than the patient. She turned to prayer and meditation for support. Then she began waking up in the middle of the night with a compulsion to write. The words that came through her were not her own. They were a comfort to her during this time of stress. She collected these poems into the book, Uncommon Prayers for an All-too-Common Journey, so that others could feel the support and relief she did through these words.

Now at 80 years old she has removed all fear. She is no longer afraid of death as she believes it is simply a transition to another form of life. She still expects “so much more” and knows she will receive it as long as she is an open channel for inspiration. Her goal and wish for us is that we “Leave this earth more fully alive than you have ever been.”

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