Light Up a Room – Authentically: Catherine Johns

We all know someone with charisma pouring out of every pore.  The moment they walk into the room, their energy and presence are immediately felt by everyone.  They walk the earth with a spotlight on them at all times.  Then there are the rest of us.  The introverts, those of us that are shy, the wallflowers, individuals with deep understanding, compassion, and connection but on a one to one level.  Obviously public speaking comes easily to those who live in the spotlight, but what about the others?  What if you are one of those with a message to share but not a voice to share it?

Catherine Johns author of Show Up and Shine
Catherine Johns author of Show Up and Shine

Catherine Johns, Chicagoland radio personality turned speaker, has the answer.  In her new book Show Up & Shine:  Simple Steps to Boost Your Confidence & Charisma Catherine explores practical ways for all types of people to boost their confidence through practical techniques. Listen to The Empowerment Show below to explore how to exploit your natural tendencies and become the powerful speaker you can be.  Wouldn’t you like to increase your confidence and charisma?


– Ways you can improve your presence, even if you are a wallflower
– How charisma can be learned and tips to improve your charisma
– How your physical presence can grow your confidence and shrink your stress on a physiological level


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