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Inherent Power

The other day my husband heard a story about how the band Rush had really been ahead of their time. So he listened to their 2112 album, which as his wife, meant that I listened to their album. This turned out to be a good thing. In the midst of their song Something for Nothing I heard this gem:

What you own is your own kingdom

What you do is your own glory

What you love is your own power

What you live is your own story

In your head is the answer

Let it guide you along

Let your heart be the anchor

And the beat of your own song

I may not know about music, but I do know some good coaching when I hear it. According to Carol Selby Price and Robert Price, the authors of Mystic Rhythms: The Philosophical Vision of Rush, self-empowerment and inner knowledge were missions of the band.  The authors believe, “The point of the whole song [Something for Nothing], though expressed in different ways, is you must be inner-directed if you are ever to follow your dreams to fruition. . . You are to seek your own kingdom, your own glory, your own power, your own story.”

inner strength

What you own is your own kingdom: This is not about possession, but about belief. What we believe or value becomes our focus. What we focus on we experience. What do you “own”? What do you believe life is about? How do you see the world and how does that create the world you experience?

What you do is your own glory: What you will be honored and revered for is what also comes naturally to you. What is your unique gift to the world? What is it that you lose track of time doing? Stop looking to outside opinions of “glory” or success. Embrace what you do naturally.

What you love is your own power: The power to move forward and make things happen is driven by what we love; it is driven by our passion. What is your passion? This could be a passion for your hobby, your business, for knowledge, for adventure, or for bettering the world. Let your passion drive you and realize all the power you have.

What you live is your own story: Don’t assume there is one way to live and one outcome to reach. Don’t punish yourself for “mistakes” and “wrong” turns. Your story is how you live. Your story is not the end result, but is how you overcame obstacles, approached challenges, and what you experienced – good and bad. Every day you are creating your own story.

In your head is the answer / Let it guide you along: The answer does not lie in some expert or something outside of yourself. Don’t give away your power to others. Trust yourself.  Listen to your inherent knowledge. Let your inner knowing guide you.

Let your heart be the anchor / And the beat of your own song: Sometimes logic can get in the way. Lead with your heart. Lead with your gut. Do what you feel compelled to do, not what “makes sense.” Allow your intuition to direct and drive you.

Thanks for the coaching Neil Peart of Rush!

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