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Healthcare System Loop of Self-Destruction Anatoliy Pak

There is a lot of talk these days about the healthcare system and what can be done to provide more insurance to individuals in need.  But what if the concept of insurance was actually one of the problems with the United States healthcare system?  What if the problem was seeing Western medicine critical care as the fix to functional health problems?  What if the problem is our reliance on diagnostics versus the knowing of our own body?

The Empowerment ShowWhen I was experiencing major medical issues a decade ago, medical professionals and specialists performed a myriad of diagnostics but none could determine my illness, because at that time there was no diagnosable illness.  I was in the preliminary stages of illness.  I had just noticed that I was not functioning as well as I had before.  If I would have followed normal thinking, I would have simply taken more and more painkillers until years later the intensity of my symptoms lead to a major breakdown of my systems to a point doctors could remove organs or prescribe medications.  Thankfully, I looked for other ways to improve my well-being before it became too severe.   

Learn how my experience is just one of many individuals who are not served by our current viewpoint on healthcare.  Listen to this powerful episode of The Empowerment Show when Melissa Heisler is joined by Anatoliy Pak to discuss the Healthcare System Loop of Self-Destruction.  Learn how our current system is based on critical care which leads to individuals waiting until they are truly ill before seeking care, leading to more complications and higher costs.  Learn how to rely on your body’s warning signals versus medical diagnostic tools.

Change your thinking:

  • Focus on being healthier versus just being sick less
  • Focus on your wellbeing versus diagnostics
  • See human health from a broader viewpoint
  • Western medicine is a powerful tool to save lives with critical care, but is not meant for daily care
  • Explore a variety of approaches and modalities which can help you maintain daily health


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