Group Effort

Dorado in Cabo San LucasSo I caught a little fishy on our trip to Cabo San Lucas this summer.  Ok, so it is a really big fish.  When I first caught it, we sent this photo to a friend.  He was impressed with the size of the fish, but did not for an instant believe I caught it.  I don’t remember how long it took me but I did really truly reel this fish up to the boat.  Actually I reeled the fish near the boat a few times and each time it bolted back out to sea and I had to start over again until finally I landed this big and tasty dorado.

But I didn’t do it alone.

The captain kept a diligent eye on the seas to scope out where the fish were and brought us to the best areas.  The crew baited the poles with the best lures to catch the fish we desired.  The first mate was the actual person to place the lure in the right place to catch the eye and mouth of the fish.  As I reeled in the fish, my husband rotated the chair for me to keep me in the best position to fight the fish, the captain would back up the boat to help shorten the distance between me and the fish, and when the fish was close enough to the boat the mate with a hook pulled the fish into the boat.  Heck, I didn’t even hold up the fish myself for the photo.  So I guess I didn’t catch the fish.  It was really a group effort filled with the support and expertise of those around me.

How often in our businesses do we think we have to do it all alone?  We are trying to wear all the hats of sales, marketing, CEO, accountant, technician, and motivator.  Or we think we have to have all of the answers ourselves.  We believe that it is our company and that we are solely responsible for making everything happen.  And we are, but that doesn’t mean we can not receive outside support or accept and utilize the expertise of others.  In fact, things tend to flow more smoothly when we can admit to what is our expertise and what would be best to outsource.

Last year I started facilitating Power of 10 groups where business owners gather to support each other in their businesses.  I knew that it would be powerful, but I didn’t realize how powerful.  In creating the group, I expected there to be amazing insights as business owners from different industries shared their experiences and recommendations.  But what I didn’t expect were the strong connections made by the owners which resulted in empathetic support and constant accountability propelling each others’ businesses.  Just like having a knowledgeable crew supporting me while I focused on reeling in the fish, the Power of 10 members provided support, insight, accountability, and sometimes their own business services to help the other members focus and grow their businesses.

New Power of 10 groups are starting this September.  Contact me today to reserve your spot and powerfully grow your business.

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