Melissa Heisler, Stress Reduction Expert

From Type-A to Type-ME

Melissa Heisler, Empowerment Coach
Melissa Heisler, Empowerment Coach

I was born invisible.  Not in that cool superhero kind of way, but in the hiding of my true self way.  It doesn’t matter why I was invisible because I have met many clients who have also mastered being invisible and the why is always different.  Perhaps through loss they detached from others and life in order to prevent pain.  Perhaps a parent or significant adult did not see them or accept them as they were so it was easier to hide who they truly were.  Perhaps they grew up in a household which forced them to become an adult too early; as children they had to take care of adults who couldn’t take care of themselves therefore robbing them of their own childhood.  Perhaps they were abused as children and learned that speaking their truth only caused violent attacks.  Perhaps they were different from others in a socially unacceptable way and there was great risk in exposing their authentic truth.  Perhaps they did not match the conventional definition of “good” and therefore they felt defective.  Perhaps others could not see their potential, their gifts, and their truth so they felt abandoned.  In our own ways, so many of us are invisible, lost.

My personal reason for being invisible does not matter.  What does matter is that I became Aware of being trapped in my invisibility, I Accepted the truth of my situation which released a myriad of new and different Alternatives to choose from, and I took Action to change my experience.  I learned my personal truth, released my inherent power to live in that truth, and fully embraced Type-ME.  I learned what it actually meant to be self-empowered and alive.  Now I am blessed to teach others how to uncover, accept, and thrive in their own unique Type-ME.

Life is full of responsibilities: obligations to our families, requirements of work, responsibilities of a caretaker, and a never-ending to-do list.  All too often our desire to help others, our intense sense of responsibility, and the needs of those we care about take over our lives.  We start losing time for ourselves, we begin to forget our personal desires and goals in life, and slowly we lose our joy, power, and even our identity.  But this does not have to be the case.  There is a way you can fulfill your obligations and still have time for yourself.  There is a way to maintain your sense of self while still being a caretaker.  There is a way to receive what you desire without guilt or justification.  There is a way to remain powerful, calm, and energized even in the face of incredible challenges.  Type-ME Habits is a proven process that helps you to uncover, embrace, and live the life you were meant to live.  I invite you to start your own journey into discovering and embracing your own Type-ME.

Here are a few ways to get started:

  • Download the first chapter of my book, From Type-A to Type-ME, to learn more about my person journey, how I discovered Type-Me Habits, and how my clients have used these Habits to change their lives.
  • Join me for the Take Back Your Life live webinar at 7:00pm CST on January 14, 2013.  This webinar will cover the basics of the Daily Habits of an Empowered Life and will also have a question and answer session to provide clarity on how to add these Habits to your own life.

Both the download and the webinar are free so there is no reason for you delay changing your life for the better.

Are you ready to Take Back Your Life?

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  1. Jeremy Binns
    February 6, 2013

    I really enjoyed the depth of this post, especially since I’m well acquainted with the dark arts of invisibility. 🙂

    Good luck with the webinar!

    • admin
      February 7, 2013

      Thank you for your response, and your vulnerability Jeremy. The webinar went very well, thank you. You can listen here and learn the tools to take you from Type-A to Type-ME,

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