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Focus on What Matters

This year kicked off with incredible revenue for my company.  I have been thrilled with the number of new and returning clients.  I received joy from seeing my Quickbooks revenue graphs fly off the charts.  Smiling I imagined where my 2012 figures would end.  Then a favorite client decided not to continue working together.  Other clients have not been able to renew due to resources. And a slew of clients have decided to space their sessions out more than usual.  My graph tapered off.  Oh dear.

After a breath, I realized this was a blessing.  Focusing on the dollars, no matter how exciting, is not why I do what I do.  I love to help people learn, grow, and become their potential.  I love to learn new techniques and share them with others.  I love to see individuals experience their aha moments leading them to life changing breakthroughs.  The money is appreciated and cool to watch grow, but it is not why I choose to be a coach.  My true reward is seeing the success of my clients.  I think that the amazing first quarter revenue I received started to distract me from my purpose.  Although I did not skimp at all during sessions, I started to judge my success by the sales graph instead of my clients’ growth.  Having a leveling off in March helped me re-recognized why I am in business.

Last month I had the most amazing workshop.  Forty individuals soaked up every word, worked hard on their exercises, asked amazing questions, spent time afterwards talking to me about their personal journey, and left feeling empowered to make changes in their life.  It was one of my biggest successes to date.  And I was not compensated one dime.  That is why I do what I do.  My gift to the world is to help us see our lives differently and to empower each of us to become our full potential.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to receive payment and to use the dollars to propel my business and also eat at the end of the day, but the revenue is not why I am in business.

Although it may be difficult to focus on my true purpose when there are bills to pay, staying primarily focused on my true gifts is the real joy of life.  If this was the last five minutes of my life I would be more rewarded by the content of my last session then by the dollars in my company’s bank account.  Especially in difficult economic times, we may gravitate more toward gaining revenue and ensuring our company stays afloat but trust me when I say, staying focused on what truly matters will not only give you joy in every business day but will, in the right timing, bring in the revenue your truly need.

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