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Financial Self-Care with Rebecca Bloomfield

The Empowerment ShowWomen are known for taking care of others.  Our biology is based on bringing others into the world and nurturing them.  There is such a blessing to that experience.  Whether it is our own children or raising a child for another, it is an amazing experience and responsibility to care for another.  However the frequent downfall is that women are so often caring for others that we have forgotten to care of ourselves.

As a life coach, I see this again and again.  The women I work with are so often focused on providing for others that they have forgotten to care for themselves.  Their health, well-being, happiness and goals are put on hold while taking care of others.  And there is a wonderful gift in giving to others.  It is a beautiful testament to the goodness of the soul.  Yet, unfortunately so often the gift is at the sacrifice of the giver.  Or one finds it difficult to give the same gift to others. This was the case for Rebecca Bloomfield.  The first time she found herself without a partner, she was driven to ensure the quality of life for her children.  She pushed herself to find a job that would not only support her family, but ensure her children could receive all of the luxuries other children could.  But the second time she discovered she was a widow, she was alone. The second time she didn’t have anyone else to provide for since her children were grown.  This time the only person she had to care for was herself.  And it was difficult.  She had never put herself first.  She had didn’t have the wellbeing of a helpless child to guide her.  This time she had to find the strength and reason to fight for her.  She had to discover that she was worth it to push herself make a living and to create a new life.

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