Earthday 2012

Environmental Responsibility and Social Enterprise with Camilo Ferro

Most businesses are focused on one thing, profit. They work for profits for their stockholders, profits for their CEO, and profits to grow the business larger and larger. The problem with a focus on solely profits is that often the consumer, the workers, and the environment can all fall victim to a company’s desire for profits.

Thankfully there is a new way to do business, social enterprise. A social enterprise is not a charity, although it may have a non-for-profit component. A social enterprise is built around giving back in a sustainable manner. It is a for profit business which is also conscious of its actions and how it affects individuals and the environment. In the case of Better Bag Benefit Corporation, it is a focus on people, planet, and profit.

Earthday 2012
Earth Day 2012

The Empowerment Show guest is President and a Founder of Better Bag Benefit Corporation, Camilo Ferro who is a passionate entrepreneur and environmentalist. Believing in the potential of social enterprise, he strives to bring awareness to sustainability issues through Better Bag and the newly created TOSS Group. Camilo comes from a family of business owners and has found his true passion in working to eliminate the use of oils based disposable as well as developing Zero Waste strategies.

Listen in and learn about the growing problem of waste. As landfills become more full, what are options and measures we can take to best handle the waste. One of Camilo’s answers is to increase what we can compost which not only helps get rid of waste but provides us with rich soil. Listen in to this engaging discussion about helping handle waste in the United States, Columbia, and other parts of the world.

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Camilo Ferro

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