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Communication is Hard with Brian R. King

Communication can be difficult.  Misunderstandings, misconceptions, and assumptions abound.  We hear what we want to hear and not what is said.  We react with our past emotions and memories versus reacting to the truth of the moment.  We misinterpret and we get hurt.  We feel fearful of speaking our truth and being ridiculed or abandoned.

The Empowerment ShowTalking to one another is something we do every day.  Whether we do it in person, over the phone, online or via text, we are in constant communication with each other.  But how much of that communication is productive?  And how much of what we say or don’t say causes issues with our relationships? It does not matter if we are talking about our personal relationships or business relationships, improving our communication skills can improve our all our interpersonal relationships.  When we are communicating well, we can get more done.  When we can talk to each other better, we can learn new things.  When we can truly hear another, we are gifted with insights we would not have otherwise had.  When we learn to truly communicate with each other we can find peace, joy, happiness, and love. Over the years I have worked hard at improving my communication.  First I learned to listen.  Truly listen.  Not listen while I crafted my response.  Not listen and interrupting to defend myself.  Not pretending to listen while I created my grocery list.  But truly listening intently to who is speaking and giving them my full focused attention. My second lesson was learning how to distinguish between what was really being said and what I thought was being said.  We all have our own personal way to view the world.  Our past experiences, backgrounds, likes and dislikes, hurts and challenges have all affected how we interpret situations.  This is often what causes issues in relationships.  Our partner says one thing and our filters change the meaning before it reaches us.  Then an argument erupts over a misunderstanding.  Learning to truly hear the other and to be able to express how a comment unintentionally triggers us can save many a marriage and business partnership.

Brian R. King
Brian R. King author of Perfect Moments in Relationships: Lessons in Connection for Work, Family, Love, and Life

Learn how to communicate better in your relationships at work and home when The Empowerment Show is joined by Brian R. King best-selling author of five books, including Perfect Moments in Relationships: Lessons in Connection for Work, Family, Love, and Life. Brian says, “Relationships can be more difficult to navigate than the ocean at night during a hurricane. Now try doing it with touches of Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia and other challenges. This has been my struggle, but also my greatest gift.” Discover Brian’s proven methods to improve your communication skills and your relationships.

Listen to the full conversation about how to improve your relationships through communication:

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