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I am thrilled to announce that I am working on a new book as well as new online programs.  It is very exciting to be developing some tools to help others.  I love to write and share, but book publishing is a new endeavor for me.  Plus marketing my own products is always a challenge for me.  As with so many of my clients who are in service professions, it can be difficult to see past oneself and clearly communicate what we have to offer.  So I turned to an expert.

Lightbulb Idea
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The expert and I talked about publishing and then turned the discussion to marketing the book and corresponding training options.  The more we talked about marketing, the more I began feeling uncomfortable.  At first, I didn’t know why because the individual I was speaking to was very nice, knowledgeable, and professional.  But the not so right feeling would not subside.

Later on, it came to me.  What the expert was recommending was traditional direct marketing tactics – the long letter, identifying and solving a problem, a strong call to action.  After 18 years in marketing, I know these tactics well.  They are incredibly effective and for all intensive purposes they are ethical.  But part of me feels they are icky.  Often they play upon people’s fears, present the products as the only solution to their problem, and push people into action through hype.  If you know me personally or have read my blog, I think you understand how these tactics do not reflect who I am.  But as a marketer, I also know how effective these tactics are.  What to do?

So I’d like to pose the question to you.  What do you think of direct marketing techniques?  Do they help you understand and consider products?  Do long letters provide you with the information you need to make a decision?  Do you like the benefits of receiving free-bees in exchange for your email address?  How often do you click on and listen to informational videos?  How do you like to be introduced to new products?  Please share your thoughts here. Your thoughts and opinions will be very helpful to me and other individuals who market themselves online.  Thanks for sharing!

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  1. Jen Waller
    June 22, 2011

    Here’s my thoughts. As a customer I generally only pay attention to “direct marketing” from individuals who I already know (either personally/by reputation) and trust them. In that instant, providing what is being written about is of interest to me, I’m happy for the piece to be as long (or short) as it needs to be to communicate everything. Personally, when it comes to me watching informational product videos it’s only the people of whom, to use a Ken Blanchard term, I am a raving fan that I click play on.

    I don’t teach marketing and certainly don’t claim to be a marketing expert, so some of the “guru’s” may very well disagree with me. However, generally when it comes to marketing I think that one of the key aspects is that you have to actually take action – ideally consistently. I do think that you are far more likely to do that if you pick a marketing strategy that you enjoy doing rather than one you hate!

  2. Melissa
    June 24, 2011

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts Jen. I hear your thoughts loud and clear. Yes, first and foremost, the potential customer/reader needs to TRUST the source. And I love you reminding me to bring Authenticity to my marketing. If I am not aligned with my truth, the strategy will not work. Thanks again!

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