A dog is going to be a dog

Trust Everyone

A few years back I was having lunch with a friend of mine. She was talking about how as an attorney she no longer trusts anyone. Daily she meets people who lie and who do horrible things. I could see the sadness in her eyes as she created an anti-trust barrier between herself and everyone […]

change transformation


This election was difficult on a lot of people. And we made it more difficult on ourselves. Instead of a civilized debate, we made the campaign into a sixth-grade playground with name calling and bullying – on both sides. The results of the election were a shock to half the country, resulting in teenage rebellion […]

uncertain steps

The Magic of Being Out of Control

While working with those in job transition, they often – especially my Type A’s – find it easy to do the first part of finding a job as there is a specific outcome for every step. The candidates need to define their desired next job, create a resume, and research target companies. Actions are definite […]


A Clean Start

Laptop computers are usually pretty quiet. A month or so ago, mine started to sound like it was chewing potato chips. Also when I picked it up, I could hear pieces of something falling inside the machine. It was time for a new computer. When my pretty new blue computer arrived, I was excited. Then […]

Melissa Heisler

Total Acceptance

Before I left for Chicago, I had a Skype call with a client. In setting up the call, I noticed how my profile picture no longer matched what I saw on the video broadcast. My hair is much longer, my skin much darker, and I almost didn’t recognize myself versus my three-year-old picture.  I realized […]