The Freedom to Think and Reason

Many years ago, I stopped actively watching the news. I found the focus on negativity and the desire to sensationalize events adversely affected how I felt personally and how I approached the world. Today, I choose when and how I receive the day’s events. I do not rely on one source. I do not take […]

Emotions are real – but not true

Recently I had a negative emotional spiral to the level I have not experienced in a very long time. An emotional spiral can be caused by many different circumstances, but they always lead to the same place. Something happens. I interpret the event to mean I messed up or someone doesn’t care about me. Which […]

Wanting versus Willing

Throughout my life I have studied, analyzed, and comprehended. I expressed theories and best practices. I feel I have a good understanding of how to live the best life. Thinking, feeling, and believing are great. But none of those make me experience the best life, until I act. Taking action is a theme for me […]

couple talking

Interior Monologues

Have you ever had a conversation where you didn’t feel heard or understood? Have you ever become angry at someone else because their words didn’t seem to match their actions? Does it feel like our conversations, maybe more so now, seem to be disconnected? The reason why communication is usually stilted is because we do […]

act sign

Action Not Worry

Learning a second language helps me see the world in a new light. I have known a phrase in Spanish for a while, “no te preocupes,” which means “don’t worry about it.” What blew my mind was learning that it is based on the word “ocupar.” Let’s break it down. “Ocupar” means to take up […]

What is truly important?

A 2019 valedictorian speech has been making the rounds on social media. Kyle Martin shares how he worked hard and made sacrifices for a year to become valedictorian. Kyle contemplates if it was worth all the time, effort, and broken relationships to receive the fifteen seconds of applause and recognition. One section of the speech […]