movie: defending your life

Dealing With Fear

This year marks the unbelievable 25th anniversary of the movie Defending Your Life.  The movie is true and timeless, because, as writer, director, and star Albert Brooks said, “I think what the movie is saying is going to stay relevant for a long, long time, because fear isn’t going away.” The angel-like character, Bob Diamond, […]


Fulfilling Our Life Mission

Recently I ran across a Forbes article about the importance of the true definition of entrepreneur. The author Brett Nelson points to the definition, “a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk,” as the best definition because it means people who have a primordial urge […]

take chances

The Game of Life

“I want to move, but I need to have a job in the new city first.” “I want a relationship, and I’ll get one as soon as I lose ten pounds.” “I’ll pursue my passion, as soon as I have enough money in the bank.” Again and again I hear my clients stifle their dreams […]