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The Motivation of Negativity

For decades I worked in corporate marketing and for the last few years I have created marketing for my own business as well as helping other small business with theirs. Through these experiences and the master’s program I took in Integrated Marketing Communications, it was reinforced again and again that negativity sells. More than anything […]

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Are You Truly Aware of Your Stress?

I write often about stress – deadline stress, secondhand stress, workplace stress, holiday stress, and even why we are stressed. I bring up this topic often not only because of the negative health effects of stress, but because stress keeps us from truly living our lives. How aware are you of the negative effects of […]

The Cost of Business as Usual

Most individuals in current business environments have the feeling of being chained to one’s desk for an inhuman amount of hours, running to endless meetings, and being bombarded by constant emails and calls. Many employees are doing the work of two or more people these days. Associates are being held accountable for unrealistic sales goals. […]