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What You Can Control

Working with those in job transition, I often see people frustrated by lack of progress. Companies take too long to respond after they apply, or they don’t respond at all. The interview process extends over months not weeks. People from their network don’t return their calls quickly. The job seekers are frustrated because they are […]

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Controlling Your Time

Two years ago, I had the honor of being part of the Washington Post Time Hack Project. I was one of a handful of coaches who were paired with readers struggling with work-life balance. It was fun to help individuals from around the world and from every age group to take back control of their […]

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The Magic of Being Out of Control

While working with those in job transition, they often – especially my Type A’s – find it easy to do the first part of finding a job as there is a specific outcome for every step. The candidates need to define their desired next job, create a resume, and research target companies. Actions are definite […]