Choose Your Own Adventure

Our culture thrives on negativity, disaster, and fear. It is much easier to fall into that mantra than one of optimism and hope. Look at every juncture of your life. What do you choose to say, do, or believe? What result occurs because of the choice you made? Are you creating an adventure that ends in riches and joy? Or are you leading yourself down the path to defeat and negativity?

It's My Life Inc.


Although this is a trying time, I feel blessed to go through it. No, really I do. You see, now I will have a chance to practice what I preach. As I tell clients every day, self improvement is about a set of habits and tools to use daily, not a program what one learns and then goes back into their daily life. These tools are there to call on when things get rough or when we are pulled off course – just like I was recently.

It's My Life Inc.

What Story Are You Telling?

Our words are truly powerful. How we decide to describe our life is how we also decide how to live it. How are you the author of your life? Are you creating an joyfilled story or a horror film?

When we let our inner narrator prattle on, it often spins a negative, self-attacking story of victimization and pain. But we can retrain our inner narrator to write positive, uplifting life stories.

It's My Life Inc.

When a Problem is Not a Problem

We all have problems or issues arise in our life; getting a cold, having business difficulties, having a sick loved one, unexpected expenses, having difficulty completing a simple task like buying leaf bags. In fact, if we looked closely there is probably not a day in our life that we do not have some issue arise. But it is how we handle the issue that provides us with the key to happiness.