Connection starts with a renewed connection to oneself. For too long we have been a reactionary species. We react out of self-protection or as a response to family or society. Especially in the Western world we have lived most of our lives on conveyor belts following the customs of our families, the sequence of schooling, and the expectations of a job, house, and family. Nowhere in the process are we encouraged to uncover and follow our own truth. It is time to reconnect to ourselves so we can uncover and follow our own unique desires, intuitions, and needs.

It's My Life Inc.

“Overnight” Success

It seems many business success stories are told the same way.  The story starts at the pivotal point where the right investor, economic issue, resource, or other element pops into place launching a billion dollar business idea.  If I were to share my friend Camilo’s story this way, it would start out:  From out of […]

It's My Life Inc.

What is Life Coaching Like?

The other day I was chatting with two friends.  They both mentioned being asked what life coaching was like.  Neither had an easy time explaining the coaching process.  It got me to wondering how many others are not really sure about the process.  There are many different coaches out there specializing in different goals and […]

Italian Perspective

I was very fortunate to spend two weeks in Italy this April.  Upfront I realized it was not going to be a normal vacation.  My mother is still recovering from her December and subsequent surgeries so every morning my sister and I were to take turns changing her bandages.  After that responsibility, I expected time […]