The Joy of Giving

This year I participated in a gift tree for the children of workers in my area. It was fun to go out and buy for young children and especially to wrap up the gifts. I don’t know why, but there is such joy in wrapping and seeing a wrapped gift. Maybe it is the unnecessary […]


Give and Take

Recently I wrote about living for yourself versus living for others. A lot of people contacted me about how difficult this was for them. Some said being raised Christian, they were imbued with a mission of giving to others as an act of Christian sacrifice. Others asked how to receive when you are a natural […]

working in paradise

The Truth About Paradise

When I speak to friends back in the States, they always have the same response. “You must be loving it there in paradise.” Their words convey a perception that I am spending my days drinking piña coladas on the beach. My friends assume our move to Mexico means a life of luxury, ease and perfection. […]


Moving Forward Through Ups and Downs

Do you have a goal which seems far away? Are you working toward something but keep hitting obstacles? Are you uncertain you are on the right path? Have you lost your path and are not sure what is next? Lately many of my clients have been going through a confusing, frustrating, up and down time. […]