It's My Life Inc.


I have a confession.  Many of my clients come to me to find their voice, to claim their lives, and to step into their truth.  I love to help them uncover and accept their true power.  They grow into authentic individuals who take care of themselves while still being considerate of others.  But recently the […]

Italian Perspective

I was very fortunate to spend two weeks in Italy this April.  Upfront I realized it was not going to be a normal vacation.  My mother is still recovering from her December and subsequent surgeries so every morning my sister and I were to take turns changing her bandages.  After that responsibility, I expected time […]

It's My Life Inc.

Really, I am human

The loss of someone dear to us, is the loss of a part of us. Yes, psychologically we know that the person will be with us forever in our hearts, minds, and memories. But the truth is that they are no longer with us physically. They are no longer here to interact with us. And this loss can affect our mind, body, and spirit.