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Taking Risks

“We must never be afraid to go too far, for success lies just beyond.” – Marcel Proust, French novelist
It is only fair that if I tell my clients to take risks that I take them too. What is interesting however, what may seem like a huge career, relationship, or financial risk, may actually be the right, safe, and appropriate path for us to take.

It's My Life Inc.

Imagine That

The camera panned to Lindsey Vonn who had her eyes closed and her head and shoulders moving slightly. She was running the course in her mind. She was practicing her moves mentally because she could not practice physically. Studies show that muscles could be strengthened, just by thinking about it. This research suggests the increase in muscle strength was due to increasing the brain’s ability to signal the muscles. Perhaps Lindsey was stronger on the course because she had increased the functionality between her brain and her muscles. Mental preparation can aid the learning of physical skills without having to experience extensive physical practice.l

It's My Life Inc.

A List for Santa

I know I would spend hours with the Sears Christmas catalog, scanning every page, imagining what it would be like to have this toy, that doll, or the latest board game. (Collectible horses were my favorite.) Then I would carefully write my list and post it on the refrigerator for all to see – and for Santa to fulfill.

When was the last time we took the same effort to determine and ask for what we want in our life? You know, really looking at all the options out there, reviewing each one, mentally trying each one on for size, and then writing a wish list of how we desire to live. My guess is that many of us do not take the time. But what happened when we were young and responded, ” I don’t know” to Aunt Sally’s question of what we wanted? That year’s gifts were tube socks, pajamas, and a well-meaning but misguided gift.

It's My Life Inc.

What Story Are You Telling?

Our words are truly powerful. How we decide to describe our life is how we also decide how to live it. How are you the author of your life? Are you creating an joyfilled story or a horror film?

When we let our inner narrator prattle on, it often spins a negative, self-attacking story of victimization and pain. But we can retrain our inner narrator to write positive, uplifting life stories.

It's My Life Inc.

When a Problem is Not a Problem

We all have problems or issues arise in our life; getting a cold, having business difficulties, having a sick loved one, unexpected expenses, having difficulty completing a simple task like buying leaf bags. In fact, if we looked closely there is probably not a day in our life that we do not have some issue arise. But it is how we handle the issue that provides us with the key to happiness.