Your Body Can Heal Itself with Dr. Midge Dempster

One of the first times I remember recognizing my body’s capabilities was when I learned about broken bones. When someone breaks an arm, I assumed they went to the doctor and the physician fixed them.  In fact, what happens is the doctor simply sets the arm and keeps it immobilized so the bone can grow back in the right place and in the right way.  The doctor only aids in the body’s own ability to heal itself.

Over the years, I have been afflicted by different health issues. At one point of my life, I went to a string of Western-trained physicians to determine what was causing my pain. They could not diagnose me yet they wanted to do surgery or pump me full of pills to see if that may help.  It was at this time that I began to explore alternative ways to think about our bodies, our health, and healing.

Dr. Midge Dempster
Dr. Midge Dempster

This search led me to many different modalities.  One of the most recent is Applied Kinesiology.  When I see Dr. Midge Dempster she “talks” to my body and asks it what it needs.  Really, she does.  Through muscle testing she can determine where the root issue is and then asks the body what supplements are needed to bring my body’s systems back to perfect health.  But she does not just work through supplements, she also resets my brain. Many injuries are not current ailments but the brain’s replaying of previous accidents.  I see this every day with my life coaching clients.  They may have had a difficult relationship 10 years ago, but they are replaying the same situation in their current relationships because their mind is replaying the story of before.  Amazingly the brain does the same with our physical ailments.  Our brain replays a pain and our bodies relive it.  Check out this short video about resetting the brain’s memory of an injury and phantom limb pain.


Listen to Dr. Midge Dempster on The Empowerment Show to learn more about the doctor who listens to you and your body, and how your body can heal itself.

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