What’s New with You?

Just wanted to check in and see how you are. Anything new happen? Any changes in your daily routine? I am guessing yes, of course you are experiencing one or two changes to your norm.

We are all experiencing changes in our daily life. Change can be scary as our minds like consistency. Change, even good change, can send our minds into panic mode. Add in a little fear of the unknown and our minds jump into overdrive. But you don’t have to let your mind take you down a negative rabbit hole. Check out these tools to help you make the most of these changing times.

Focus on What is True

Much of the pain that we feel right now is fear of the future. Will I or someone I care about get the virus? What will happen? Do I have enough food and supplies in my home? What will happen to my job or my stock portfolio?

Stop. Get in the moment. Notice your body. Do a scan from your feet to your head. Use your body to get into the current moment. Right now, right in this moment, do you have everything you need? Are you fed? Do you have air to breathe? Do you have a loved one nearby or within virtual reach?

We can not predict the future. In fact, how many times have you worried about an outcome that never happened? Every time you feel fearful about what things will look like weeks or months from now. Stop. Come back to your body. Come back to this moment. I find that 99% of the time, things are fine in this moment. Stay in this moment and you can find peace.

Don’t Feed the Fire

The internet is full of fear, worry and catastrophe. Most of this is not created by the professional news media but in the human spread of disinformation. Before you accept or spread what you read, check that it is true, kind, and helpful.

True: Do some research. Did the information come from a trustworthy site? Can it be corroborated by other information sites? Are the experts noted real and trustworthy?  Just because something is posted does not make it true. Do the research.

Kind: Is the information filled with hate speech? Does it attack one group or another? Even if the information is true, if the article is written in a way that creates anger or fear it is no good to anyone.

Helpful: Does the information help others be better prepared? Does it tell them how to seek assistance? Does it calm down frayed nerves? Will your sharing of the information make someone’s life better – or worse?

If what you read is not true, kind, and helpful, do not spread it to others.

Be Smart

We are in a new world. We need to learn new ways to relate in and navigate the world. Focus on being prepared but not in panic mode. As John Oliver said, and I paraphrase (using cleaner language), don’t be so afraid you are drinking bleach and don’t be so smug that this doesn’t affect you that you are licking subway poles. Be somewhere in the middle. Listen to the scientists. Learn how other countries are handling things and emulate their good practices.

In truth, I believe this is an amazing time. It is hard to deny now that we are a global community. It is time to come together with compassion and understanding. It is time to begin sharing and collaborating. We are moving into a new age where we see our undeniable interrelation. Sometimes we need a big shakeup to help us realize where we are off course. Start living a new way in this new world by following the suggestions above. Stay calm and be happy.

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