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Vulnerability and Empowerment – Delicious Dames founder Revecka Jallad

The other day a client of mine told me about a Facebook page, Delicious Dames Community Group, where she had been lurking for a few months.  She finally had the courage to share her personal story about her eating disorder and weight loss.  It was a big risk for her as she assumed there would be judgment, ridicule and attack.  Instead she received a series of supportive comments on her courage and also a slew of others who said her story had strengthened their own resolve to talk and take action to toward their own self-love and health. Delicious Dames

How often do we hide our pain or our challenges?  How often do we sit in quiet solitude feeling disconnected and alone?  How often do we think we will be attacked for exposing who we really are?  More times than not I discover the opposite.  When we take the risk to share our stories, when we expose our secrets, when we have the courage to share what we have overcome, others are amazed, supportive, and empowered by us.  It is not easy though.  We all have that little voice that tells us we are not good enough.  It tells us that we are broken because of our perceived failings or difficulties.  But when we take the risk to share, we find instead that we are heroes and inspirational role models for others.

One such role model is Revecka Jallad who spent thirteen years in the fashion industry as a personal shopper and stylist.  During that time she learned how powerful that industry is as it led to the realization of and recovery from her own eating disorder.  She decided to not only share her own story, but to provide and outlet for others to share their stories along with support for others with body image issues.  Delicious Dames is a website and Facebook forum focused on helping shape the perceptions women have of themselves, the media, and overall body wellness.

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