top stress events

Stress Levels

A few months ago, I wrote a post about handling life’s top stressors which included a link to determine one’s personal stress level. To date, this unscientific survey has uncovered that almost 20% of respondents are experiencing high levels of stressful events. The remaining respondents are fairly split between medium and low amounts of stressors. […]

lead from the heart

Feel into the New Year

By now you have probably read many articles on making the most of the new year. The process outlined is usually very methodical. Something like: Review your accomplishments and challenges from the previous year. What can you learn? What do you need to improve? Now erase the previous year and start this year with a […]


A Break From Routine

Monotony. Dealing with the same challenges, the same tasks, the same routine day after day, week after week, can increase our stress levels.  We are Sisyphus trapped, more likely doomed, to experience the same thing again and again and again without finding success or relief. Redundancy without resolution in our daily work can dull our […]

a bandage does not help a problem

A Bandage is Only Temporary

2017 has thrown a lot of challenges my way. Not only do I have the stress many of us are feeling about the current American political system, but I have had some personal challenges as well. My husband and my work both increased which is great, but we were not practicing selfcare resulting in tension […]

drama queen

Drama Queen

We all have friends who are drama queens. I am sure you can think of one right now. No matter what has happened, the telling of the story is dramatic, over the top, and sensational. We might have been at the same incident, but in the re-telling we feel like we missed something. To us, […]