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Recently I heard about a disturbing conversation.  An MBA graduate shared a question which was presented in his training.  “If you had to decide to increase revenue or save lives, which would you choose?”  The answer seemed pretty clear to me, but the MBA graduate said, “There is no right or wrong answer.”  Really???  Are we educating our business leaders to see no value in human life above profit?  I know that CEO’s are bound to act in the best interests of their stockholders, but are they to do it with no regard to human life?

Thankfully I am also noticing a new trend to replace the greed is good of the 1980’s.  There is a new group of people who see past the illusion of money above all.  Whether they live on an estate which they earned over years of hard work or are still just surviving on minimum wages, there are so many who are now realizing there is more to life than keeping up with the Jones, longing to be a Kardashian, and seeking the almighty dollar.  Success defined solely by one’s bank account is no longer enough.  Yes, we all like to have our needs met and perhaps purchase the new i-Phone, but there is also a new emerging feeling that there is something more to life than just having stuff and receiving income.

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This new movement is a switch from being self-absorbed focusing solely on our own needs to instead look at how our actions affect others.  It could be that we become aware of how our actions are currently negatively impacting others or it is an awareness of how we can make small changes to our actions to benefit others as well as our self.  Self care is important but our choices and actions no longer stop with us.  Many of us are now beginning to see how we are interconnected.  Our actions affect our families, friends, peers, community, and world as a whole.  There is a new desire to make a difference, to help others, or to support the environment.  Our new dreams could be as grand as recreating the how our food is grown, produced, distributed, and served or it can be as small as being a volunteer at the Boys and Girls Club.  But large or small, the drive to help, aid, and change the world is superseding or at least equal to any desire for wealth.

This change is not only with the individuals I have met who are starting foundations or giving a percentage of profit back to communities, but it is also shown in smaller but still significant ways.  Perhaps it is giving free advice to someone just starting out.  Perhaps it is treating a client as a person and not just an invoice.  Perhaps it is just answering your phone with a smile.  If you are looking to meet others who are ready to redefine business and to learn ways to make a profit without selling your soul, join us for an upcoming Heart Centered Entrepreneur meeting.

Whether you own your own company or you work for someone else, how can you make 2012 more than just about profits?  What are ways you can bring humanity back to the marketplace?

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