Overcoming Fear in Your Personal and Professional Life with Dale Spencer

Is there something you are afraid of?

Is there something you are afraid to face?

Dale Spencer
Dale Spencer

Dale Spencer had to face his fears, in order to recreate his life. Dale was leading the life of an average college student when at the age of 20 an unforeseen injury changed his life forever. Left paralyzed, Dale had to adapt to new ways of doing everyday tasks, getting around, interacting with people, finishing college and entering the workforce. He shares of he needed to come to terms with his dependence on others and how his injury changed the path of his life.

By using simple techniques to keep his fear in check and his mind focused, Dales has been able to achieve his life goals. Dale has triumphed over adversity and risen to the top of his profession, he continues to give back to his community, grow and take on new challenges. There are four key areas where the emotion of fear dwells: professional, social, mental and physical. Dale has identified the necessary building blocks to overcome fear and achieve success, regardless of what form fear takes.

Now Dale’s mission is to help all of us realize we have the necessary tools to achieve success, regardless of our circumstances. Dale now speaks for the ThinkFirst Injury Prevention and how he found a new purpose in educating others in critical thinking and problem solving. Learn more about Dale.


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