– Marlies Barton

“Melissa knows her stuff! I would not be where I am with my business BowZer Buddy if I had not met Melissa. When I met Melissa, I only had a product, NO knowledge at all of how to run a business or how to market my product. Melissa first listened, and then asked me a lot of important questions to help me reveal what I was looking for. Melissa gave great feedback, set me up with a workable schedule and now I am on my way.

There are a lot of people like myself who are working on a product, idea, or service on their own that could benefit from attending a group session. Melissa’s group sessions allow you to hear the viewpoints of others about strategies used and were successful. The Power of 10 group was formed for the purpose of helping people get the answers they need to a variety of questions. Melissa’s quiet but strong guidance helped the group solve a lot of problems.

The Power of 10 Group has been most beneficial to me and I highly recommend this group to anyone who owns or working on a business. Melissa is a great coach!”

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