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Help me reduce the amount of stress in the world

The American Psychological Association has reported that 77% of Americans are regularly experiencing physical symptoms due to stress.  The report goes on to show the cost to employers due to stress-related issues like missed work and health care costs. The annual cost has reach $300 billion making this an important issue not only for individuals but for businesses as well. There is an enormous need by the majority of the population to make significant changes to the level of stress experienced on a daily basis to improve not only their physical health, but also to improve the quality of their relationships, their work, and life in general. 

A Framework for Stress ReductionAfter a lifetime of stress-filled deadline driven jobs, I found myself a victim of stress-related illnesses. My digestion and reproductive systems were erratic. I experienced pain and tension in my muscles. I was tired, anxious, drained, and depressed. Over the past seven years I found my way out of stress and now help others do the same.

I am committed to eradicating stress in our society. I want to reach all those who are experiencing physical pain and discomfort due to their stress. I want to reach all those whose relationships and jobs are suffering due to stress. I want to reach those who are giving up, who have lost the joy in their lives. And I want to reach those who are not yet controlled by stress to teach them how to keep stress from building up.

For all these people, I have a gift, a tool for stress relief in my new book From Type-A to Type-ME: A Framework for Stress Reduction.

I want to show them what I have learned so they too can find relief. They can learn to enjoy life even if their circumstances don’t change. They can learn to breathe easier even if they are nursing a loved one. They can enjoy time with their family even if their job is challenging. They can improve their physical health by making changes to how they react to life’s stressors. Everyone has the power to reduce their stress and enjoy more of their life.

Over the past seven years I have collected tools, exercises, and habits which have helped me and my clients find more peace and freedom in our lives. I have collected these into my first solo book, From Type-A to Type-ME: A Framework for Stress Reduction. The Framework presented in this book is customizable to your needs, your lifestyle, your belief system, and your time so you can truly create long-lasting changes to the amount of stress you experience.

Here is where I need your help. In order to bring this book to life, I need to know there is interest.

There are Three Ways to Help

  1. I hope that you can share the crowdfunding information with those you believe can benefit from this book.
  2. If you love my newsletters and/or working with me, please consider adding a testimonial to the “Engage” tab at It will show people who visit the site the potential value of the book and it will be used to promote the book through social media.
  3. Consider a donation. Everyone who donates will also receive helpful tools to reduce their stress, from an ebook to an intensive 7-month online program to personal coaching from me.

I appreciate your willingness to share the crowdfunding information helping me let the world know that stress does not need to be debilitating. It is possible to lead a less stressful life.

Thank you very much for your support. Together we can stop this epidemic of stress.


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